About Us

All Services Now at Your Fingertips, Easy & Affordable

Tuko is an all-inclusive app where users can shop for all their needs right in one place. From getting a Taxi ride, grocery shopping, online food delivery, local restaurants, pharmacies, Instant parcels, and small packaged delivery within 1 hour to finding plumbers, electricians all way pet groomers, name it and we've got it covered! All the while, local service providers that are looking for work will have the opportunity to reel in new clients and build a powerful review-based reputation for themselves. We're bringing every need imaginable, from food delivery to plumbing right in the palm of your hand!

Our Story

Shopping and finding work in a post-pandemic world. During the recent pandemic that shut down most of the globe, our founding team recognized how difficult it became for people to buy the things they need without leaving their homes. But life still goes on, and so must shopping!

Tuko was created to offer everyone a chance to support themselves and their families locally. Whether our users are looking to pick up their weekly groceries, get a quick fast taxi ride, affordable local parcel delivered service, pick up your medication from a local pharmacy, hire a provider such as a hairdresser, mobile car wash, doctor, tutor for your children, or develop their reputation and success as a vendor, there is something here for everyone to appreciate.

Our Vision

Working together for a better future.

For Our Service Users 

Simply put, we want to make life easier. From an emergency plumber to a prescription refill, we've got everything one might need to tackle the everyday chaos of life.
No matter your need, we are providing excellent and reliable services from a community of experts in every field. You will no longer have to scour the internet to find the best of the best, they're all in Tuko!

For Our Service Providers

We're providing every available support for industry expert
In a world filled with experts, we are giving genuinely reliable providers the chance to prove their skills and build their reputation in one neatly organized space that makes booking more clients easy as pie.

Our Mission 

Bringing every service imaginable under one roof



Having all your needs met in one easy-to- use location, we're bringing an entire shopping mall to the palm of your hand.


Each and every provider is thoroughly vetted and insured to guarantee a risk-free experience working with Tuko.


Thanks to an established standard for honest prices, new service providers are naturally deterred from any form of price gouging.


With our pre-integrated wallet as well as the flexibility to choose from different payment modes like cash, card or wallet, we make sure that the payment process is easy.


We understand the frustration you feel when you have to keep waiting indefinitely for a ride, delivery or a service. Therefore, with our real-time tracking feature, you can keep track of the whereabouts and exact time of arrival of ride, delivery or service provider.

How To Use Tuko

Tuko is extremely easy to use and operate. Here you will get more than 1000 services like rides, deliveries and on-demand services all in one place. This is how this magnanimous app works: 

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